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Welcome to artdate - the web portal for art lovers who wish to combine the demand of high-quality online-offers with the service-expectation of a personal style. Buying art today is breaking new ground - like art does itself.

Buying art via artdate combines the possibilities of online presentation with individual contact to the gallery and thus profound personal advice. You have the choice to order online right away or to get to know more about the work of art that interests you in contact with the gallery.

Buying art on artdate means: You will always encounter new, selected works of art - current offers, especially from the painting, sculpture and (photo) edition segments. Always Something Special. In any case, the mercantile aspect of art is certainly something special.

True art is much more than an everyday item.

And that's why buying art with artdate is different from the usual online shopping. For instance, there is no shopping cart here. But definitely the certainty of being able to rely on the quality, competence and reputation of a gallery that has been established for decades - Galerie Heidefeld & Partner.


The Profile.

Buying art on artdate opens selected offers from the distinctive portfolio of Galerie Heidefeld & Partner. The web portal is a digital art space on the move, which constantly provides you with new perspectives. Because the artdate selection is continually updated. You are welcome to request more detailed information about these art works, online or by telephone. And directly online, of course you can also buy many works of the displayed art.

Art trade is trading with art - and for art. The self-image of Galerie Heidefeld & Partner and thus of artdate is based on the conviction that the commercial level is always connected with a cultural dimension. Buying art is very different from getting everyday items. This philosophy also shapes the style of artdate.

Buying art on Artdate stands on solid ground. Artdate can bank upon over 25 years of experience.

Accordingly, the Heidefeld & Partner gallery has always seen itself as a committed intermediary between the artist and the public. The gallery has been able to become a firmly established factor in the Rhenish art market for over two and a half decades. We combine this regionality, which is reflected in many fruitful contacts within the art scene of the Rhine and Ruhr area, with broad international perspectives, profound expertise and established connections in the professional world that extend to many European countries and, for example, to the USA. We are therefore able to offer veritable rarities of outstanding value on the art market from time to time - coveted blue chips. It goes without saying that we do not offer such exceptional works of art on an online stage - and only carry out such transactions (as is usual in serious market business) on a very personal, discreet level.

You can find out more about Heidefeld & Partner, the artists of the gallery and the diverse art activities on the homepage:



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