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Service & Terms.

Buying art online on artdate means: Delight in choosing and then looking forward to the arrival of the selected artwork. We do everything to make a transaction as comfortable, clear and fair as possible.

The way to the work

If you are interested in a work of art, if you have a wish to buy and/or would like to benefit from personal advice, simply use the contact form on this website. Click here and fill it out. 

Please do not forget to write down your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. We will contact you as soon as possible and look forward to a personal conversation. For us, buying art always has an individual significance.

Of course you can also call us directly: 0172 - 2156849 or contact us by letter. Choose the way according to your preferences. Of course we will reserve the desired object for you for a period to be agreed upon, if you prefer a viewing appointment.

The experience of buying on the spot

A picture up close says more than 1,000 words - and much more than the very best screen. If you are interested in buying art, we recommend a visit to the headquarters of artdate, the gallery Heidefeld & Partner in Krefeld. For there you can see the object of your choice in all its presence and aura – and, for example, personally gain an absolutely exact impression of the colour radiance. A personal viewing on-site is the optimal way to make your intention to buy come true, according to your own assessment.

Shipping and delivery

* Service & Terms for works of art up to a price of 3.000 Euro

There are two options for you to choose from: We will gladly send you the selected work of art through a trusted logistics provider. Or would you prefer a personal delivery by artdate? This is also no problem and within a certain radius even free of charge. You can find out more about the modalities of a delivery and sample placement in your house by contacting us personally.

Very important: As a matter of principle we will only send the selected artwork after we have received the payment of the corresponding invoice. Then you have 14 days time deciding to buy the artwork, whether or not.

In any case, artdate will initially cover the freight and insurance costs for the outward transport. Since these amounts vary from object to object, we will inform you about the respective shipping price in advance if you wish to make a purchase. In case of a purchase, artdate takes over these costs completely.

In the event that the ordered artwork is not appealing to you and not fulfilling your expectations, you naturally have the right to return it, within 14 days. During this period you take care for the transport of the artwork back to artdate. As well, you bear the complete costs of transport and insurance (both ways). Of course we will refund the purchase price promptly (minus shipping and insurance costs). This regulation was made by artdate to ensure that only serious and sincere purchase requests will be considered for a pre-inspection at the interested party.

* Service & Terms for artworks with prices over 3.000 Euro
At this price level artdate strongly recommends a visit to the gallery Heidefeld & Partner. However, if you prefer to have the artwork delivered to your address, we will arrange the modalities with you individually. If you purchase the artwork, we will of course reimburse you for the costs of the delivery logistics.

Pickup by yourself: The best way to buy art
The option with the more favourable conditions. Because when you visit the Heidefeld & Partner Gallery in Krefeld personally and pick up the items yourself, there are naturally no shipping or delivery costs. And you can view the selected work in rest and mindfulness and benefit from in-depth personal advice.

The payment modalities

This mode is only valid for works of art at a price level of less than 3,000 Euros: artdate will send you the corresponding invoice for the selected object when you order/purchase it - in advance. This means: Only after receipt of the complete invoice amount we are able to send the respective work of art to you. 
Of course, the 14-day right of return is guaranteed in any case. In the event of a return, we will immediately refund the purchase price paid (less freight and insurance costs).

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