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Spy Art Edition | 015 - Deathly Concert

Spy Art Edition | 015 - Deathly Concert

What's going on here? The song of death. Until the bitter end. It is the seductive but fatal scent of a death that doesn't shoot from a gun - but hums into the blood with a needle. The worldwide Drug trafficking is a popular subject for classic spy films, whose action stories are often set against a backdrop of powerful images of wanderlust - in the Orient, in the opium valleys of Afghanistan, on the deserted island paradises of the Caribbean. Drug barons in the cinema (just like in reality) have a tricky talent to hit upon new smuggling hideouts for their hot goods. When opium travels in a cello, the string instrument draws new, perfidious strings.


A Stradivari and a beautiful muse - this motif stages a mysterious visual duet. What role do the diamonds play? Are they more than a girl's best friend here? Do they supply the crystal hard currency for the drug trade? Here, the photo artist Ralf Schellen has in a way concerted a meaningful, dense light painting, that lives not least from elements of finely chiselled ornamentation inspired by the Orient.



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