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Spy Art Edition | 007 - Diamonds Attraction

Spy Art Edition | 007 - Diamonds Attraction

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend", that's what Marilyn Monroe and a legion of other stars and starlets already sang. What makes a woman's eyes sparkle has a magical glow - but it also magnetically attracts the desires of fierce figures. No wonder agents keep a watchful eye on the global big business with the gems. Especially when syndicates hoard enormous quantities of diamonds. What for? For a price manipulation? For more?  

The Spy Girl becomes an eye-catcher in a brilliant ambience full of crystalline light reflections. But we are not in front of the shop window of Tiffany's, but in the middle of a thriller scenario. Scriptwriters early on came up with the idea that diamonds can also be a jewel for terror attacks. On the left side of the picture a laser beam rushes down and seems to trigger an explosion there. Are there hightech-supervillains guiding a killer satellite from which deadly light shoots down on targets earthward? Deadly light, bundled with the power of diamonds.



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