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Spy Art Edition | 006 - The Fragance of Death

Spy Art Edition | 006 - The Fragance of Death

The cinema's fantasy was ahead of, was faster than reality. Even before real pandemics, thrillers played through various doomsday scenarios that could trigger killer viruses in the hands of unscrupulous gangsters or terrorists. Viruses as weapons of extortion. 

Fiction in an aesthetically well-composed appearance: once again, photo artist Ralf Schellen lays certain tracks for the viewer that point to thriller material - to a subtle as much as malicious spread of bioweapons. Does the flacon spray noble perfume? Or the scent of death? The gaze is directed at the predominantly posing lady. an elegant (lingerie) beauty, type cover-queen. And yet this Spy Girl is probably in the highest danger. After all, the warning sign for Biohazard moves right towards the figure. The blood running down the top left in front of an alpine scenery appears like a symbol for the creeping death by killer viruses or killer bacteria. The attacks come silently. How good it is when a super-agent blows up the remote gangster laboratory at the last second before the smell of death wafts into the world ...



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