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Spy Art Edition | 024 Bad Bonds

Spy Art Edition | 024 Bad Bonds

A motif of reduction. The visible provides only a few indications of a mysterious event. In the centre of the minimalised photo composition we see an erotic female figure in the striking pose of a sculpture. The spectrum of colours is also minimised, to a few values such as a silvery white and grey and to the all the more prominent red of the fluttering band. What does it stand for? For a criminal gang that secretly identifies itself by wearing special finger rings? For (torn) family gangs? For tapes that seal off something mysterious or show ways? For blood that flows?


And there is also the dark shadow sphere in the picture. What does the sign on the ring signify? With this motif, Ralf Schellen once again gives the viewer the exciting riddle of inventing his own spy story using the ciphers shown. Or, who knows, to remember films in which such ciphers might have played a role?



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