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Spy Art Edition | 023 - Suspence and Revenge

Spy Art Edition | 023 - Suspence and Revenge

There are films that spread the eerie, latent feeling of a permanent threat. Any moment terrorists can strike, even cyber-terrorists. All the worse for such a scenario, if "moles" have crept up to the innermost circles of a secret service. Mistrust of anyone and everyone determines the atmosphere. What happens when (undercover) terrorists penetrate a legendary cult site of the spy world? Infiltrating the headquarters of MI6 in London, which plays an institutional leading role in countless cinema films and espionage novels?

Where the aura of the mysterious encloses all the actors in a story, the Spy Girl also becomes a mysterious, albeit well-proportioned character. Cool appearance, but be careful: what is she doing with the almost concealed pistol? In the background her target might be visible, more looming up than clear - the headquarters of the British Foreign Intelligence Service MI6 at Vauxhall Cross in London. Photo-artist Ralf Schellen has done a great job here too, leaving nothing to chance: "The photograph of the building was taken especially for this edition." The eye-catcher in the centre of the motif is the striking appearance of a sign for explosive material that must be kept out of unauthorised view - the Top Secret stamp. Blood-red like a doom.



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