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Spy Art Edition | 021 - Dirty Dollars

Spy Art Edition | 021 - Dirty Dollars

Monte Carlo, Macau, Las Vegas, Carlsbad - in the Gambler Globe, cool gambling for dizzying sums becomes a thrilling movie subject à la carte. Her Majesty's spies (not only Her) sit there with Poker-Face in obscure circles and play steady as a rock with (marked) cards. Or they prefer the glamorous variant in a noble and extravagant ambience: Where secret agents are using dangerous balls, it may not be bullets but small roulette balls. Casino fatal.


Casinos, which are more like sneaky gambling hotspots in some thrillers, act as global money laundering facilities - which photo artist Ralf Schellen illustrates with the visual entanglement of poker hand and dollar note. The mysterious darkness of the composition reflects the fact that casino-thrillers are often about dirty money. Dirty Dollars. Which cinema hero managed to shoot a hand of spades in a casino? Via a "straight of 4-8 spades", the Spy Girl would also be on the winning side. The dollar dresses her like a fishnet stocking. Fake Notes? What role does she play?



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