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Spy Art Edition | 019 - Weapons of a Lady

Spy Art Edition | 019 - Weapons of a Lady

Oil. Fuel for the global economy. Fuel for devastating conflicts. Raw material for exciting spy thrillers. Anyone with large oil reserves can accumulate fabulous wealth - and not only the potentates in the Middle East. No wonder that unscrupulous figures in the dark also want to get involved in the hunt for the black gold and fight in films to build up gigantic monopolies, for example. For a long time, international secret services have been observing with more than sharp eagle-eyes who is threatening the fossil sources. Certainly MI6 too.


A picture in oil. Yet anything but a romantic oil painting, however a photo-composition that stages an action world with metallic-cool aesthetics and with (razor-)sharp visual signals - a story of the destructive power of fuel. Blazing hot. Ralf Schellen: „The Spy Girl poses as a nude model in an oil puddle - a symbol of a cinematic realm of evil in which sex is used as a weapon". (Oil)traces streak from the upper edge to the centre of the picture like thick blood. The motif is kept dark, just oil-dark. The huge pipeline tunnel could also be a gun barrel. And the threatening saw blade seems to signal that the next oil change is probably superfluous for the chrome-flashing speedster in front.



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