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Spy Art Edition | 017 - Eye-catcher

Spy Art Edition | 017 - Eye-catcher

The Cold War after 1945 has long provided the historical template for numerous spy thrillers in the cinema. There are spectacular productions that, especially in the most recent decades, use everything that the latest weapons technology and an (imaginary) science fiction arsenal have to offer. For example, golden killer satellites with enormous destructive potential, almost invulnerable attack helicopters and secret computer command centres. What is equally golden here is the beauty queen of the screen, which may well be operating both in front of and behind the Iron Curtain. A seductive Actrice between East and West.


In this suggestive, even gold-flaming composition by Ralf Schellen, the earth becomes the eye and the eye becomes the earth. Double-faced, as it characterizes the cosmos of agents, in which many are not what they shine. Three-dimensionality, alluding to the satellite perspective. A picture full of aesthetic high tension - and at the same time of a very balanced effect.



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