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Spy Art Edition | 014 - Digital Desaster

Spy Art Edition | 014 - Digital Desaster

Tiny weapon, monstrous effect: early on, the genre of the agent thriller took up the futuristic form of warfare: cyberwar. Of course, the film stage is not limited to the few inches of a computer screen - but offers the full range of cinema action: rapid changes to spectacular landscapes and locations, madcap chases, glamorous social surroundings like casinos and horse races, seduction and betrayal. Those who have the omnipotent super microchip can reach for world domination. Chip, Chip, hooray!


Ralf Schellen's photo artwork Digital Disaster stages ciphers of the cyber world: the almost format-filling circuit board and the digital character strings in a planetary orbit represent the world of electronics, whereby the Spy Art creator understands the circling of the characters "as a symbol of the dependence and progress of digitalization on earth". Posing for the human factor are the spy girl, symbol of seduction and (fatal) relationships, and the gangster limousine with the morbid radiator figure - the angel of death. A view for a thrill.



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