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Spy Art Edition | 013 - Secret Circus

Spy Art Edition | 013 - Secret Circus

No more fun. There are several thrillers and detective stories in which killers in fancy clown costumes are at work. And knife-throwers with criminal intent have got what it takes too. Besides: There are many circus movies. Cinema-goers and thriller readers have long known that the world of the secret services is a very special ring without a large audience and glaring spotlights, in which undercover actors sometimes play a game of life and death. 

In this motif, Ralf Schellen works with two strong signal elements for a story that the viewer can spin further: On the one hand we see from the airy perspective of a drone the construction of a circus tent with its wagon-bag around it. On the other hand, this panorama, which promises entertainment, is preceded by a large digital alarm signal for an impending catastrophe. The countdown is running out. Can a super agent stop the drama at the last second and perhaps save the world again? An MI6 hell of a guy is said to have succeeded in something like this. The Spy Girl poses as a pop art model statue-like in the middle of the subject. Free from any waste of textiles.  Because unlike villainous movie characters, grace has nothing to hide. Or is she, perhaps, (un)dressed to kill?



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