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Spy Art Edition | 011 - Bad Moon Rising

Spy Art Edition | 011 - Bad Moon Rising

Invisible cause, gigantic danger: monstrous villains are targeting the entire human race. Although there are, naturally, bullets fired out of the barrels, the deadliest of all weapons is smaller than tiny - and perhaps at the most visible under a mega-microscope: killer viruses. This is the stuff spy tension is woven from - in thriller films and novels. And when space shuttles are hijacked, the Earth is threatened with supernatural danger: death comes from outer space. There's an evil moon rising.


The catchy three-dimensionality of the image composition stages the depth of space - and at the same time the eerie, intangible bio-sphere of lethal viruses. A view to a viral kill. The space shuttle takes off into space with concentrated rocket power - whereby the model's erotic appearance, stretched out, symbolises the driving forces that take effect when (mega)masculine cinema heroes adore the attractive playmates that have been obligatory in spy thrillers since the 1960s.



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