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Spy Art Edition | 010 - Atomic Love

Spy Art Edition | 010 - Atomic Love

Radiation has two faces. The aura of an individual is an emotional radiation: fascination instead of contamination. In this very suggestive motif, radiation appears in a very ambivalent, mysterious presence. For the first time in the entire edition, photo artist Ralf Schellen stages two Spy Girls in one composition. Both meet in an antagonistic position. We see both of them in a portrait, two mysterious beauties, entangled in a spy thriller, who seem to be standing on two sides clearly - as their military peaked caps signal. To Britain and Russia with love.

In this motif, Schellen works with two emblematic elements that play a role in many thrillers - one is the menacing grey nuclear submarine that is heading straight towards the viewer. Which brings us to the area of tension called contamination. The flash of light in the background could be interpreted as a nuclear disaster. The second element is the racy sports car, which super-agents like to use as mobile equipment, even with a built-in high-tech arsenal. The submarine and the racer connect both sides in a hidden relationship. The bluish colouring of the motif suggests that the story is set partly in (sub)marine spheres. Connoisseurs of espionage cinema will certainly find candidates who could have inspired the photo artist.



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