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Spy Art Edition | 009 - The golden Way to Die

Spy Art Edition | 009 - The golden Way to Die

Unerringly at first sight: A strong motif! Just power photography. And a story that is literally in good shape, a short & shot story. What's going on here? The world of espionage naturally forms a world in secrecy. In espionage thrillers, the secret services act as opponents, staging a sophisticated game and making move after move - often a deadly game. It is a sign of professional respect when an assassin sends a golden bullet to his potential victim: Honour to whom it belongs.


A mysterious beauty and a sun circle condense the narrative of this picture - a sun circle like a telescopic sight. Does this have anything to do with conflicts over solar energy? And does the red colour remind us of car chases with speedy PS-Power bolides and boats? Well, everything is top-secret. Ralf Schellen uses just a few elements to stage a short story that is as dynamic, striking and decorative as a cinema poster. Fantasy can continue this script in a very individual and creative way.



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