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Spy Art Edition | 008 - Fatal Paradise

Spy Art Edition | 008 - Fatal Paradise

An encounter of the uncanny kind: Spy Girl-Hero meets morbid heroine. As a feminine figure, the former remains beautifully solitary in this motif composition, while her pale voodoo counterpart in black robe has the features of a horror zombie. Ralf Schellen has chosen a three-part picture composition here, with the Spy Girl in the front and the dark intoxicating angel on the right on the second level. Instantly the suspicion arises that the thriller plot is about drug-dealing.

The scenery could be set in the Caribbean (third level), a palm tree and underwater idylls can be seen, whereby the mask of death reveals that a fatal paradise is hidden behind La Isla Bonita. The motif can be looked at the cards (tarot) and indicates: Behind the scenes, there is a rigged game going on. Black magic and blood-red poppy included. A super agent himself can only resort to card tricks and voodoo mumbo jumbo.
An expressive motif: Spy Art with spook. Zombie in zoom. It's the evil spirits that provide a special thrill.



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