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Spy Art Edition | 005 - Rising Sun - Rising War

Spy Art Edition | 005 - Rising Sun - Rising War

Pop Art that flares up like it's surreal: Fine Art Photography of striking radiance. Ralf Schellen has realized a dazzling composition in a catchy visual language, which is at the same time reduced to a few elements. There is some evidence for an interpretation: two superpowers seem to be manoeuvred into a confrontation here. But by whom? The whole scene is probably set in the Far East; the Spy Girl is an Asian agent. And the samurai sword suggests that peace may be on the knife's edge here. Is there a threat of nuclear war? After all, the symbol for radioactivity claims the center of the picture. Is the large, bright yellow-orange background of the motif already the reflection of a nuclear explosion?

According to the flag, Japan also seems to be entangled in the conflict. But perhaps a superhero with a fabulous hightech-helicopter (on the picture), a top agent already pronounced dead, can defuse the situation just before the big bang. With a virtuoso operation, an action-"dance" on the volcano? Thrillers send their regards.



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