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Spy Art Edition | 004 - Bombastic

Spy Art Edition | 004 - Bombastic

A picture of explosive expressiveness. What is masked behind the drama of the detonation? A tremendous charge of TNT? Or even a nuclear inferno - triggered by the bomber that is just breaking off? Or is it the visualisation of a mega-criminal (film) plot to blackmail the world with nuclear threats? Who wants to set the globe on fire?

Ralf Schellen also uses this motif to lay tracks that lead back into film history. Bombastic works with the (concentrated) signal aesthetics and optical pull effect of a cinema poster. The elements: fire and water. The fireball is reflected in the aqua surface. The amazon-like Spy Girl emerges here from the marine sphere - an indication of underwater battles, which are part of the suspense repertoire in many crime thrillers and spy films. And where the thriller world with its rogue staff resembles a shark tank, a harpoon is recommended as a weapon with penetrating effect. A hot shot under water.



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