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Spy Art Edition | 001 - No Chance

Spy Art Edition | 001 - No Chance

Fascinating Fine Art Photography with a story between earth and space. In such high-flying action spheres, regular investigators of the down-to-earth civil servant type don't stand a chance. For the story of this photo art work unfolds in glamorous milieus in which agents tend to be identified by a distinctive three-digit code. The striking retro composition in primary black and white is a reminiscence of the 1960s film aesthetics, when the espionage genre on the big screen took off. The picture offers some narrative clues that inspire the imagination to write an individual spy screenplay. Which villain wants to seize a spaceship here? Who is chasing the villain? And who is the mysterious beauty in the crosshairs? What's going on here anyway? Top secret! Nothing will be revealed. Nothing. No.



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